Compulsion for more and more

After eating a large breakfast: 3 eggs, 1 meaty rib, large portion of salad with feta cheese, and a slice of bread, followed by a large cup of tea with 4 small portions of sweets I found myself yearning to stuff more food in my my mouth. The area of the mouth and the throat […]


      Chapter 24 – Last Hour Of Life To know how to settle accounts every hour is something every man should have learned in school, just as to learn to breathe, to eat, to move, and to awaken the machine should be part of any genuine curriculum of education. How would you like […]

The Observer

Originally posted on TheRealPeteLong:
Nature is our only law, well the law that prevails over all other laws. One can learn a lot by playing the role of the observer. However, please understand observing without experiencing can be useless depending on the situation. Here is a story about an observer that a friend told me…


Being perplexed is a chore. I was happy and functioning yesterday, and today I’m confused and baffled by my work. Dead end… At times like these, one of my closest friends, who is Russian, always says to me “go to sleep, the morning is wiser than the night”, perhaps he is right. My head is […]

There are no guarantees in life

I read a post recently which talked about how most of us, in the western part of the world, are told from a young age: “go to school, get good grades and you’ll get a good job” And some of us, like nice little sheep following the breadcrumbs scattered for us by our “supervisors/parents”,  come to […]

Safest place to be.

This particular topic and idea has been ruminating in my mind for the last few weeks. It’s not a finished and polished product/idea, it is something still in development. I’ve never taught a boxing class or a self defence class, but I have taken plenty of boxing classes, and due to this,  after everything I have […]