Hitting a plateau in life, which sometimes brings on depression, can be an edgy time…

not knowing what will come next, not knowing whether movement will resume.

Will you make it out of this pit? I just gotta make it through the day and I will be alright.


I’m going with the motions, doing my daily tasks, trusting progress is being made. It’s

maddening when every action you take feels like you’re eating chalk.


It’s time to move on, to reach out, and yet I have just become efficient at my daily routine and I’d like to stay here a while.


I have learned how to do everything that took me almost an entire day and accomplish it in 5 hours.

I know what I need to do next, but I feel exhausted… is my brain tricking me? do I really need the rest?

I dive into the next work and I feel the intensity increase inside me, I’m heating up. The heat’s ripping me apart. I will have nothing left for the way back.


I’m becoming somebody else.









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